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Personal information: The webserver on which this site is hosted collects no personal information of its visitors, unless IP addresses are considered personal information (IP address policy is described above under the heading ‘Automatically collected information’). If you choose to contact Sylvan Garden Caregivers by e-mail using the form provided on the site for that purpose, the information you submit will be collected by Sylvan Garden Caregivers in order to respond to your query. Sylvan Garden Caregivers may or may not keep records of information submitted by site visitors for various purposes contributing to the operation of its business. If you choose to subscribe to Sylvan Garden's e-mail newsletter by means of the function on provided for that purpose, your e-mail address will be collected in order to send the newsletter to you, and for no other purpose. The newsletter is double-opt-in and you may automatically opt-out at any time. In no case will any personal information of site visitors be collected or used which has not been freely submitted by the site visitor.

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ICRA:We are labeled with ICRA.

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