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Strains & varieties.

  • Belladonna: (sativa Skunk) Compact orange buds with a trippy halluginogenic high and skunk undertones.
  • Cherry Bomb: (100% indica) A pure indica that smells of cherries and incense with a strong body high.
  • Cincerella 99: (Jack Herer sativa) Pineapple/grapefruit aroma that delivers a sweet strong punch with an uplifting stimulating effect.
  • Donk: (Alaskan indica × BlueSatellite 2.2) Smells like flower medecine. It has it all: dense buds, major potency, awesome flavors with an intense balanced high.
  • Erd Purt: (Swiss indica, Erdbeer × Purpurea Ticenensis) Multi-colored leaves, stems, and buds. Very ornamental and flowery with real medicinal indica power. A very beautiful strain with colors of green, purple, and pink.
  • Guawi: (100% sativa, Malawi Gold × Guatemalan sativa) Spicy and woody with floral & orange tones. Very powerful, long-lasting effect with a strong, psychedelic high followed by a relaxing stage that leads to a physical and mental hibernation.
  • Ice Widow: (Ice Cream × White Widow) Profuse resin production. Has a creamy taste with a balanced up high.
  • Kali Chakra: (Indian sativa) A potent, sativa high with an energizing body effect, tolerance only builds up slowly. Has therapeutic potential in pain relief and helping against depression.
  • Khmer Gold: (Southern Cambodian) 100% Land race sativa. Expect an active, energetic, & happy high from this green lady. Pure unadulterated southeast Asian jungle sativa.
  • Mazar-i-Sharif: (Afghani indica) 100$#37; indica and very resinous. It has a brilliant lemon odor and frosty hard buds. A narcotic stone that leaves you feeling relaxed and dazed.
  • Mekong High: (Laos/Vietnam) Incredible soaring ‘happy and smiley’ pure sativa. An old-school ‘retro’ high with a great herbal taste and aroma. A long-lasting clean ‘up’ feeling that clears the mind and completely relaxes the body.
  • Orient Express: (Vietnamese Black × China Yunan indica) Dense and resinous flowers with a strong old-school buzz and spicy earthy aroma. Clean and pleasant sativa effect without any paranoia.
  • Sadbu: (Indian indica) A strong psychoactive high that makes your mind fly while your body remains in a state of relaxation. Assists against stress and nervousness.
  • Sensi Star: (Pure indica) Powerful, dense, and resinous buds with a very narcotic stone. Good as a sleep aid or for pain relief.
  • Tajikistan: (Tajikistani indica) One fine indica. A high producer of essential oils, Tajikistani herb smells great, kind of a musky rich aroma and ultra-smooth flavor. The high has a unique, strong body stone with some cerebral activity, and a long-lasting high.
  • The Church: (Swiss sativa × Super Skunk × Northern Lights) Heavy feeling that evolves into a long-lasting head high. A special taste and social effect.

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